WZ 111 5A – New Chinese Tier 10 Heavy Tank – Details

wz 111

There is a new Chinese tier X heavy tank being tested on the supertest, the name is WZ 111 5A. The tank was about to be top tier Chinese heavy when they were only introduced, but back then it was considered too good, and 113 took its place as top Chinese heavy, whereas WZ 111 5A was forgotten. And now it’s back on supertest. Please, keep in mind, that this is a supertest, the stats of the tank maybe change.

WZ 111 5A

Model 5A clearly looks like model 1-4, has 140mm of armor in the peak nose upper plate, which provides decent protection when facing enemy straight, but might be not as reliable, if the tank is angled. Very weak driver’s hatch and lower plate make it hard for this tank to bounce shells off with the hull. The turret is well armored, but has two big paper hatches, which are really hard to miss, especially from close distance. Side armor is only 80mm will also hardly help this heavy to tank effectively.

However, WZ 111 5A has a good answer to that! Its gun can give quiet a punch with 490 alpha. And although the gun isn’t very comfortable, it has absolutely crazy DPM of over 3000. But everything is not so simple…

All the details about this tank, including gun stats and armor model you can see in this video:

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