Why did the Type 59 become an urban legend? TWB Gaming WoT analysis

Type 59

Type 59. The dream of many World of Tanks players. The former icon of WoT game. “He ate lightning and crap thunder!” He was the fear and terror for his opponents. Probably, that is the reason why the most of players want this tank in their garage. But, the truth is – Type 59 is only the urban legend. He is not even close to the tank that devasteted dozens of enemy tanks. Why it is like that?

Type 59 – the original one

Before he was withdrawn from the Wargaming store, this tank was the king of the battlefield. Excellent armor, good characteristics of gun and great ability for hull down positions were his main weapon (is there anything more important for the tank?). He have had -7 degres of gun depression besides low profile chassis. Almost impenetrable turret, especially if we take into account that premium ammo must have been purchased for gold only at that time. Real money! Gameplay with this tank was a real bless. On the other hand, it was a real nightmare for all the other players that have faced him in their games.

Type 59 – nerfed version

I remember that when I started to play WoT, I was scared to death whenever he was on the other side of the team list. At that time, it was a really OP tank. Which is one of the reasons why it is pulled off from the store. And some time after that, it was nerfed – really nerfed. On the first place, Wargaming took from him one thing that a medium tank should have – reliable gun. Aim time of 2,78 seconds (with only 100% crew) with a average damage 250 is really bad. From the best marksman to the mediocre shooter. Changing of the model resulted with that he was a little longer then before, which affected on his ability to maneuver over his opponents.

Armor was certainly changed, altough the numbers were never clearly presented. On the other hand, his armor is even weaker because now you can buy your premium rounds with credits. So, that is one more reason why every trash can tank can penetrate his armor. At the end, we cannot forget all that new tanks that were added into the game fort he past few years.

“Some new kids”

So, it is not all in that nerf. Basically, time has killed him. Run over him. Put it however you want. He was the best, but the even better came after him. Still, it is a nice tank, preferential matchmaker (+1) is always a nice trait. But, this Type 59 is not even close to the original one. So, do not be sad if you dont have him. You can always buy some new premium tank. And that tank will be numerous times better then the old Chinese old man.

And do not blame Wargaming for that either. Would you like to wear old and ripped shoes, or you would like to buy a brand new ones with the best characteristics? That is how the World works. All is temporarily, so and a glory of Type 59, AMX Liberte, T26E5 Patriot and all other expendables. One of our greatest artists of pop music (on the Balkan), Djordje Balasevic said: “Some new kids…”.

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