WGLEU 2016/17 – Season 2 – Matchday 11 – eSuba vs Oops TTG

WGLEU 2016/17 – Season 2 – Matchday 11 – eSuba vs Oops TTG

The third match of the 11th Matchday of the Wargaming Gold League 2016/2017, eSuba vs Oops TTG, was played on the 9th of February 2017. The match started at 20:30 (8:30 pm). You have had the chance to watch this match live on or the official Twitch channel

eSuba vs Oops TTG


Maps prepared for this match were:

  • Prokhorovka;
  • Mines;
  • Cliff;
  • Steppes;
  • Ghost Town (tiebrake).

eSuba started the match with advantage of 1:0 after defending on Prokhorovka, but Oops was also successful at their defending. So after the first map, result were even, 1:1. Oops then started their win streak in next three rounds, getting to their first match round with result 4:1. They were attacking on Cliff, but they were not successful doing so. Esuba won that round and decreased Oops’ advantage to 4:2. Next round was on map Steppes where attacking team was eSuba and Oops TTG  succeeded to take their chance for win this time. They won against eSuba in 7th round of the match with result 5:2.

In the table below you can see the order of attacking teams on each map and result after each round.

Maps Attackers Results
Prokhorovka Oops TTG 1:0
eSuba 1:1
Mines eSuba 1:2
Oops TTG 1:3
Cliff eSuba 1:4
Oops TTG 2:4
Steppes eSuba 2:5

Until next time, GL HF! 😉

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