WGLEU 2016/17 Matchday 10 – Gunrunners vs Kazna Kru

WGLEU 2016/17 Matchday 10 - Gunrunners vs Kazna Kru

The first match of 10th Matchday of the Wargaming Gold League Season 2 2016/2017 Gunrunners vs Kazna Kru teams was held on 3th February 2017. The match started at 20:30 (8:30 pm). As well as the rest of the matches, you could watch this duel live on official WGL Twitch channel

Gunrunners vs Kazna Kru


Prepared maps for this clash were:

  • Mines;
  • Murovanka;
  • Prokhorovka;
  • Ghost Town;
  • Cliff (tierbraker).

After two initial rounds on Mines map, Gunrunners were leading by 2:0. In the second round, their artilery piece managed to kill Kazna Kru‘s arty on blind shot. That certainly gave them enough confidence and advantage un that round. However, after two lost rounds, Kazna Kru has wakened and managed to win the next two rounds. On Murovanka map. So, 2:2 after 4 rounds, not bad. Afterwards, teams played for their „game“, like in a tennis. So, after 8 rounds plyed, the result was 4:4. That means that tiebrake will be played.

The last round was played on Cliff map. Arty player of Gunrunners was the MVP. He managed to kill two enemies, one in TD mode after proxy spotting his opponent. You do not want to play against him! So, 9th round brought a win to Gunrunners team. As we can see, there are not guaranteed wins, and every match brings us new thrill.

Results after every round, as well as attacker team you can see in the table down bellow.

Map Attacker Results
Mines Kazna Kru 1:0
Gunrunners 2:0
Murovanka Gunrunners 2:1
Kazna Kru 2:2
Prokhorovka Kazna Kru 3:2
Gunrunners 3:3
Ghost Town Kazna Kru 4:3
Gunrunners 4:4
Cliff (tiebraker) Gunrunners 5:4


Stay arty safe and let RNG bless you!

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