GAMING AND ESPORTS NEWS ABOUT WORLD OF TANKS AND OTHER GAMES League Europe Gold Series Relegations League relegations are starting today at 19 pm. This is big chance for our team, TWB-Gaming, to get back in Gold league.

Teams who are already in WGLEU gold league and waiting for last team are:

  1. DiNG
  2. Kazna.kru
  3. OOPS
  4. GoHard
  5. esuba
  7. Top Adin (they were 1st in silver league and on that way they enter in gold league)

Six teams will fight for last spot and there are:

  1. Gunrunners
  2. Infinite eSports
  3. FAME
  4. TWB-Gaming ( The Wild Bunch Gaming)
  5. No Hard Feelings
  6. The Kebab’s

Two Quarter finals are gonna play today and tomorrow we will have 2 semi finals and finals. Tomorrow matches will be streamed on WGL EU twitch channel where casters will be Daki, Mojo and Ectar.

Our team playing vs team No Hard Feeling today and if they win they are going to play vs Gunrunneres tomorrow at 19h.

What do you think how much chance TWB have to come back in WGL Gold League?

Will you watch relegations?

And ofc wish luck to our boys!!!

One video from last time our team was in gold league and where they manage to win Kazna.kru.

Good luck, have fun and stay arty safe 😀


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