Update 9.20 Common Test Review

Update 9.20 review

Update 9.20 or patch 9.20 is now on common test. Here is a review of all changes, and there is a lot of changes:

Update 9.20 Common Test Review

If you want to play on test server here is a link to download test client.

Vehicle Rebalance

read more about changes here.

SPG Improvements:

If you use for cover which is two or more meters thick and your tank stays completely hidden behind it. You’re safe there: if an SPG shoots, your tank won’t get stunned or damaged.

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If you hide yor Tank behind a fence or a small house that are less than 2m thick will get stunned and receive the same amount of damage they would get if they were in the open.

There’s also a third scenario: while cover is thick (2+ meters), a vehicle isn’t fully hidden (think of any corner maneuver). In this case, the stun duration and damage depend directly on how exposed a tank is.

New Chinese TDs:

Ranked Battles

If your team wins a battle and you make it to the top 10 in experience points, congratulations: you leave the battle with a chevron. You keep the same number of chevrons if you rank in the bottom 5 of a winning team or if you reach the top 5 of a losing team. If you’re out of the top 5 of a losing team—you lose one chevron.



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