United EU community for new Global Map

FireflyDivision open a new topic on forum (EU) where he is inviting all EU clans to joint and fight for new Global map. So far there weren’t united EU community, but it’s time to unite. I don’t want to waist you time, just read the statement. And sing on behalf of your clan, if you want ofc.


Statement from the EU community regarding “CONTRAS” and Clan Wars

We support “CONTRAS” effort to turn Clan Wars back into what it originally meant to be. On the global map itself, large & small scale conflicts, the fight for supremacy, strategy, and diplomacy should play key roles again. That is what made the Clan Wars system in World of Tanks the most original one that we have ever seen.


We also support “CONTRAS” effort to bring dialogue with the company.  We tried to keep our proposal as simple as possible and we took into account Wargaming’s desire to satisfy clans of all levels of effectiveness. SO We would like to advance a change that will make everybody happy and make sure that Wargaming does not receive a lot of negative feedback in the future. Below we outline Clan Wars changes desired by EU community and their differences with “CONTRAS” proposal. We greatly appreciate that you are willing to listen to our feedback and suggestions and we wish to thank you for it.


Settings and rules for the global map


In the past, EU’s Clan Wars have always been a copy of RU’s Clan Wars.  Wargaming did not take into account the EU’s specific desires. We believe that EU and RU are slightly different. We have a different amount of players, a different amount of clans on each skill level and a different experience in Clan Wars. While the EU community agrees with “CONTRAS” (the Russian community) on the major aspects, there are still small differences of opinions. We would like to ask you to take that into account. Perhaps, EU’s and RU’s Clan Wars settings should be a little different from each other.


Settings and rules for the global map proposed by EU players that RU players agree upon:

Disable the penalty system for missing battles. The penalty system makes clans afraid of fighting and going to war, because they do not know how many players they will have ready for Clan Wars. Clans should not the afraid of fighting. This will also help starter clans with 1 team, as they will have a bigger chance to achieve something, and if a small clan achieves something, it can grow. And that’s exactly what we need: more grown/competitive clans.


This only applies for normal CW and not for CW campaigns. In campaigns, the penalty system should be enabled, because players should not miss out on fame points because the enemy did not show up.


Half of the provinces on the global map should be delayed by 15 minutes. This allows clans (even the smaller ones) to be more active on the global map; there will be more fights.


Clans that are on the map should not be allowed to attack landing zones and riots. This prevents a total “lockdown”.


The “fog of war” should remain enabled.

It allows clans to come with original strategies.


Tank locking should be enabled. It makes battles more interesting because it forces you to use different strategies, and it gives smaller clans an extra opportunity to fight bigger clans (outnumbering them and forcing them to use less desirable tanks).


The global map should be divided into connected regions

(so it should be possible to cross the borders) with different amount of gold income per region. This is the most important change, which should promote competition and it should encourage clans to improve. This also guarantees that clans on all skill levels have the chance to establish themselves on the map. The better a clan is, the more gold it should earn. One of the regions should be tier 8, the rest should be tier 10. How this exactly should be organized depends on the server (EU or RU), because each server has a different amount of active clans and a different amount of clans on each skill level. EU specific details with elaborations are written further down this document.


Remove missions and tasks from the global map.

Missions and tasks are encouraging clans to play Clan Wars in a way that is not intended. The goal in Clan Wars should be to establish yourself on the map and to fight for more provinces. Tasks and missions, on the other hand, encourage clans to just spam landings and to click the “leave map” button every two days. That causes the amount of action on the global map itself to decrease. The gold that could have been earned with tasks & missions should be used to increase the gold incomes of the provinces. If Wargaming is still interested in creating 2-3 missions like “land for the first time” or “establish your HQ for the first time” for new clans, we have no objections.


Clan Wars should never be frozen for more than a week, unless it’s New Year.

Players should be able to decide for themselves whether they want to play Clan Wars or not. Wargaming does not have to decide this for the players. If a clan wants to do personal missions, marathons or Ranked Battles instead, then they can just click the “leave map” button or try to do diplomacy.

If a clan decides to stay on the map. Even though its players are not interested in playing. Then perhaps that could lead to the clan being kicked off the map by opponents. And that could help with getting other clans on the map or breaking stalemates. CW is supposed to be a “permanent” competition that clans can join and leave anytime they want. It is supposed to be the flagship game mode for clans. Therefore, long freezes are not something that should happen.


The ransacking system should remain as it is right now.

It will prevent clans from ransacking the whole map (if the whole map is ransacked, then no one will attack), but it still gives the clans who want to play CW their own way a chance to do so, without really ruining the purpose of CW for the other clans.


Add a “softcap” to prevent powerful clans from monopolizing the map.  There should be a limit for the amount of divisions that you can have at the same time. That limit should be 7. That means that if a clan decides to conquer more than 7 provinces, some provinces will be left without division. RIOTS will cause a problem to those clans.  The number “7” is based on the fact that in CW 1.0, a clan could have a maximum of 6 stacks of 15 chips and spare chips to “cover/delay” allies. The number of divisions should also be linked to the number of players in a clan. Otherwise, clans with only 10 players will schedule a lot of battles that they cannot play.

The Riot system should remain enabled. It makes sure that one clan cannot take the entire map and monopolize it without worrying about a thing. It also helps other clans with getting on the map. More reasons about why EU wants Riot system will be explained below.


EU specific settings and rules for the global map


Landing zones should only be on the edges of the map. Landing zones in the middle of the map only causes hindrances, blockades and it turns the global map into a maze. That prevents clans from waging war against each other. Riots are a better way to get new clans in the middle of the map.


Auctions need to be removed from the global map. Clans generally dislike auction zones. Nobody wants to hold one because it is a major hindrance and prevents clans from waging wars against other clans on the map. Holding an auction zone means that you are almost guaranteed to have an extra battle at CW prime time. If a province of you riots, then the situation is often different, because most of the time, more clans than just one attack a riot. That means that the defense of your rioting province is often after you finished all the other battles. For clans that are not on the map, auction zones are often undesirable as well, because most of the time they are ransacked and give no income anyway.


While the EU agrees with a “softcap” as described in the previous section, it does NOT agree with a “hardcap”.

We believe that putting a limit to the amount of gold income a clan can have negative effects. It leads to clans taking 7 provinces and then saying “Okay, we are done. Let us form non-aggression pacts with everyone now and sit here without waging war”. Let clans expand as much as they want. A clan that expands too much will automatically get in trouble, due to riots and a limited number of divisions on the map.


The EU wants CWs to be running 7 days a week. The Russian community considers a 1-day freeze per week. However, the EU community does not agree with such a thing. We believe that it should be up to the players whether they want to play or not.


EU specific province and region layout


This is a key part of this proposal. If this part is done correctly, it will promote competition and it will give clans on any skill level the opportunity to play Clan Wars the way it is meant to be played.

The map has to be divided in 4 regions as presented in a simplified way below:

Region 1, 2 and 3 are tier 10 15vs15. Region 4 is tier 8 10vs10.

So Region 1 consists of 50 provinces. These provinces have a high gold income. This is where the top clans will likely go. We decided to go for only 50 provinces because EU does not have a lot of top clans at the moment. Having only 50 top-value gold provinces will force the top clans to battle each other.

Region 2 consists of 100 provinces. These provinces have an above average income. This is where above average clans will likely go.

Region 3 consists of 100 provinces. These provinces have an average income. There is where average clans will likely go.

Region 4 consists of 300 provinces. These provinces have a low income. This is where starter clans, casual clans or below average clans will likely go. This is the only tier 8 region. If a clan attacks region 4 from region 3, then it will be a tier 8 battle. If a clan attacks region 3 from region 4, then it will be a tier 10 battle. And If this is technically impossible for Wargaming to implement, then Wargaming can add a non-crossable border between region 3 and 4.

Read closely

First of all, this system gives clans on each skill level a place to settle. It also gives each of those clans an incentive to fight and improve. Region 1 is the smallest region. Region 2 is twice as big. While the clans in region 2 will most likely be “inferior” to those in region 1, they will have a numbers advantage. This is also where tank locking comes into play. Clans in lower regions could decide to team up and try to advance into higher regions.

While the clans in the higher regions can do a counterattack, they will most likely not conquer an entire lower region, because they would risk losing their high-value provinces in the higher regions. This protects the “weaker” clans a little. Of course, a “stronger” clan could go to a lower region to “punish” clans every now and then, but they will most likely not sustain such a thing because they would not be earning much gold. It will not completely ruin CW.


How was the number of provinces determined?

During CW 1.0 on EU, there were around 480 provinces. After that, Wargaming decided to increase the amount of provinces because it was not enough. In the last CW season, there were around 567 provinces.  This proposal is based on that and it therefore has 550 provinces.  While determining how big each region should be, we looked at the amount of clans on each skill level in EU. We want to avoid a situation in which for example there are enough provinces for all top clans to farm a huge amount of gold without fighting each other. At the same time, we also tried to make sure that each type of clan has a chance to get on the map.

Final word

We believe that these changes will bring back the competition. The small and large scale conflicts (clan v. clan, alliance v. alliance) because the conditions back when CW was at its peak time are similar to what we are proposing right now. However, we did not only aim to re-create what we had in the past. But we also aimed to make it better than it was back then. And we tried to incorporate Wargaming’s desires as well. We did not only think about how we can make it pleasant for the top clans, but we also made it pleasant for other clans. There is not only room for fights and wars between big alliances and big clans. But there is also room for other clans and ways for other clans to establish themselves on the map. This is why we managed to gather support from clans on all levels.


We would also like to add that in the future. It would be a good idea for Wargaming. To consult the community before making changes to Clan Wars. Understanding the CW community and coming with the appropriate changes and measures requires one to have a deep knowledge of Clan Wars and the Clan Wars community. If the staff does not have the time to get involved on such a level. Then we think that there should be another suitable solution. Clan Wars is a major game mode. It is seen as the flagship game mode for clans and thousands of players are involved.

Therefore, it cannot be neglected. An example could be to appoint somebody from the CW community as some sort of “spokesman of the EU CW community”. This person could write reports to WG about CW. And gather feedback from the players, find solutions for common problems. Get support for the solutions from the community. And e-mail the community-proposed solutions to Wargaming.

We again wish to thank you for considering our feedback and we hope we can move forward together.


This document has been written by EU player FireflyDivision in cooperation with “CONTRAS”. FireflyDivision has been playing World of Tanks since 2011. He played 3411 Clan Wars battles and 8621 Stronghold battles. He is an active member of EU clan community, and a WG forum moderator. Before “CONTRAS” gained support from EU, FireflyDivision had already been collecting feedback from CW players. He created a forum thread called “ CW’s demise and how to fix it”. Which described CW problems and their potential solutions. The thread became extremely popular. In this operation to support “CONTRAS”, he acted as a spokesman/representative of the EU CW community.

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