TWB WOT team Go4WoT finish 2nd on Europe Cup #275

TWB-Gaming played Go4WoT Europe Cup #275 and took 2nd place. We lose in finals vs WGL Gold League team Kazna.kru with score 3-1. Whole cup was very interesting and we had few close matches but we manage to won them. In quarter-finals we play vs Tatran Tea Gaming ex Fraternitas on ghost town and we won it 2-0. We expected much more from this match but guys from Fraternitas are made few mistakes which we use very well and secure pass in semi-final. There was waited us team Gunrunners.AOC ex Cyborg.Factory. Last few time we played vs Gunrunners we had very close matches and few of them we lose so easy. This time we played much better on Ruinberg and won it 2-0. Thav was our most dangerous opponent on our road to finals. Our matches from RO16 we streamed on The Wild Bunch twitch channel and on final match vs Kazna Kru we had more then 100 people who watch it.
That match we play so bad and after 1st map Steppes where we lose 2-0 was clear that Kazna will win 1st place. We try to comeback on Clif and won our deffend but again old story, our attack was so bad and they won it for final score
TWB-Gaming vs. Kazna.Kru 1-3.
We need more to train if we want to play good games vs Gold League teams especialy vs team Kazna.kru who is favorite to win WGL this season. But anyway we had good training and we won 2nd place with 125 euros. GG WP

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