TWB-G clan – clan for the People which want to play eSports tournaments

TWB-G clan

Would you like to actively play team battles like FACEIT tournaments, WoT 486 Cups or ESL tournaments of different formats? If your answer is “hell yeah”, then come to the TWB-G clan, so we can rock together.

TWB-G clan

A few months ago, we had a idea to refill TWB-G clan which was completely empty. mr_Kela and the whole crew were in TWB-L clan and TWB-G was just empty. Our starting idea was to create a clan for the people of Balkan’s so they can play together, learn something new about the game with our help on trainings and so on. However, NOW, we came up with a new idea. mr_Kela will be back in day or two in TWB-G clan and we want to encourage players to play and to be more competative in eSports.

We know that the most of the players are struggling with gold. And there’s no any other way to make really nice amounts of gold in a short period of time except to play tournaments. 3vs3, 5vs5, 7vs7, we will try to play all formats. Of course, it depends on you as well, because of your aspirations.

On the other hand, Stronghold battles are looking very interesting with 9.17.1 patch. People says that a lot of money could be earned. But it will not be our main goal. However, if majority want to play it, we will play. But, we want gold, lots of gold on tournaments. So, if you want to play with a team, and to learn team play, send your aplication here.

WN8 is not the crucial. It is more important that you can use your brain and play with the team. Of course, it would be nice to have some tier 6-8-10 tanks in your garages. So, dont be shy and come to our side so we can rock together.

Good luck on the battlefield and GG!

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Is it international or only for people from the balkan?


The Wild BunchTWB [The Wild Bunch] is a Professional eSports team based in Serbia founded in June of 2015 by Nebojsa "Mr_Kela" Filipovic. At The Wild Bunch we strive to be the best there is and let no team stand in our way. Our players have years of experience behind them and put in many hours in each day to practice and get better at the game. We work in close collaboration with our sponsors to help fund and bring out the best our team has to offer.


The Wild Bunch