Tier 6 heavy tanks – M6 vs KV-85 – WoT analysis

M6 vs KV-85

M6 vs KV-85? Tier 6 heavy tanks have been my favorite tanks since forever. That is probably the reason why I have almost 3k battles with my old and rusty M6. Nowadays they don’t have big credit potential (unless you have a premium account), but in the past, they used to earn a lot of credits. These machines were excellent non-premium vehicles in regard to making credits. Even if you get into a tier 8 match, you can penetrate almost all possible opponents. If your standard shells can’t penetrate, double click on 2 will solve your problems. Compared to higher tier tanks, your only problem is the lack of HP. For example, RHM will probably take around 90% of your HP, without the chance to bounce that shot. However, they are very fun vehicles to play with.

Today, we will compare M6 and KV-85. West vs East. What are the strengths of these two tanks, what are the weaknesses as well, how to play with and how to deal with. Firstly, I will give you some statistics of these two tanks (90mm gun on M6, and S-34 on KV-85). After that, we will discuss about gameplay with M6 and KV-85. Bold letters represent better characteristics on one tank compared to the other. Also, these numbers are with 100% crew only, and they can be increased with the equipment and so on.

Characteristics (with 100% crew) M6 KV-85
DPM 1,976 2.058
Penetration 160 170
Average damage 240 250
Rounds per minute 8,23 8,23
Reload time 7,29 s 7,29 s
Shell caliber 90mm 100mm
Shell velocity 853 m/s 900 m/s
Aim time 2,21 s 2,59 s
Accuracy 0,36 0,36
Depression/Elevation -10/+30 degrees
-3/+18 degrees
Speed (forward/backwards) 35/10 km/h 34/14 km/h
Engine power 960 hp 600 hp
Power to weight ratio 16.51 13.17
Field resistance 1.05/1.34/2.21 0.96/1.05/2.01
Hull traverse speed 25 degrees per second 30 degrees per second
Turret traverse speed 29,20 degrees per second
29,20 degrees per second
Hull armor 102/44/41mm 75/60/60mm
Turret armor 102/83/83mm 100/90/90mm
Viewrange 350m 340m
Radio 500m 440m

M6 vs KV-85

So, M6 vs KV-85? Tough question. M6 has 3 MoE in my garage whereas KV-85 has 2  and there is one and only reason for that. Gun depression! That is one big reason why is it so irritating to play with KV-85. Thay have very similar alpha damage, penetration on the standard shell is a little lower on M6, but honestly, the gun is so much better and more reliable on M6 compared to his Soviet brother. It has better aim time, and despite larger caliber on KV-85, I have a feeling that 90mm gun on M6 is better at penetrating enemy armor. On the other hand, mobility is quite similar, altough in my opinion that M6 is a little faster on the flat ground. The real distinction however is in the gun depression.


Tier 6 tanks should require some level of skill from players. Use of ground (terain) for example. For that you will almost certainly need the gun depression and with M6 you can do that. However, Soviet doesnt give a damn. He says: “Fuck it, I will just kick him in the face!”, but, this tank has so little gun depression that he cannot shoot IS-3 at “weak spots” (weak spot exist on IS-3?) if he comes too close. In regard to that, he is veeeery depressing.

Neither of these tanks have a reliable turret (to be honest), even in tier 6 game, so do not rely on it. In my opinion, in M6 vs KV-85 clash, M6 will win every time. Why? Because M6 can adapt to almost any terain. On the other hand, KV-85 need a flat ground to be efficient, and even then you must pay attention to keep the distance between you and your opponent so you could shot them at the lower plate, or any other lower weak spots.

Where to shoot them?

M6 you do not want to shot at the lower plate with tier 4-5-6 tank. Your best chance is to try to penetrate its upper front of the armor. Just right (your) to the machine gun which is in fact the hatch of the driver. So, 3/5 times it will be a critical hit, driver dead. In regard to KV-85, shoot it at the right (your) side of the upper front plate. Fire! 🙂 Because why not to put a fuel tank at the front of the tank? It can be penetrated anywhere, but fire is a fire.

So, to summarize. 1 vs 1, M6 vs KV-85 – I was always able to win with M6 without any problems. Even in a trading, but, I’ve had all equipment and 3-4 skills crew, so my DMP was brutal and who knows how good my opponents were. If I were to decide which one is better for me, it will surely be the M6. Always. Soviet is not that bad, but American is better by a whole class.

Here you can watch a few replays of good games with M6 and KV-85.

How about you? Which one is better for you and why?

Good luck on the battlefield, and stay arty safe. 🙂

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