Three Marks Guide – Stable result in T49 and Sheridan

how to play T49 effectively and Three Marks Guide you can see in the video

Every World of Tanks player want to have three gun marks. Ilya Red had one nice video where he explain how to got them.

A lot of players love T49 and consider it as a purely fun tank. This tank can’t give stable results, which depends on random number generator.
Sometimes rewards you with amazing thousand damage shots, so when it comes to stable effectiveness.  T49 is last light tank you’ll think about. And that’s completely wrong.

T49 can be effective, more than that, it can be consistently effective from battle to battle, and it’s possible to be an effective scout and both effective shooter in T49.
It’s possible to land 4 shots out of 5 at the enemy and deal 2, 3, 4 thousand damage EVERY battle.
Current T49, future T49 and Sheridan are good scouts with decent view range, which enables pretty good scouting, although below average camo and large sizes can make it a little tricky. Also, people use the howitzer very wrong.

The howitzer has very good dispersion values from moving tank, but the dispersion from turning turret is very bad. It means, that if you don’t turn your turret, you will stay almost fully aimed. Aim fully behind the corner, roll out and slap enemy’s face. If you are fully aimed, you hit the target at any distance. Also, it’s possible to hit a moving target, although that requires practice.

Further details about how to play T49 effectively  and Three Marks Guide you can see in the video:

Source: Youtube

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