Experience from Franken and Stein – where is it?


As you know Patch 9.21. is relased today and with it Halloween tanks Franken and Stein are moved out of garage. They are gone…

13. December 2017.
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Advent Calendar day 11: T-44-100 Advent offer

Advent Calendar Day 4, advent calendar day 5, Advent Calendar Day 6, Advent Calendar Day 11,Advent Calendar Day 18

Ten days and ten offers are alredy gone. Today is advent calendar day 11. And in day 11 we have: T-44-100 on sale. Tier…

11. December 2017.
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Advent Calendar Day 10 – world of tanks

day 1, Advent Calendar Day 2, Advent Calendar Day 3, Advent Calendar Day 9, Advent Calendar Day 10, Advent calendar day 14, Advent Calendar Day 16, Advent Calendar Day 17

Deal for E25 is over. Today is advent calendar day 10. And in day 10 we have: Lorraine 40 T on sale. Tier 8…

10. December 2017.
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Advent calendar day 8 – Tiger 131

advent calendar day 7, advent calendar day 8, Advent Calendar Day 15, Advent Calendar Day 19

Thunderbolt was yesterday’s deal and it’s  over. Today is advent calendar day 8. And in day  8 we have: Tiger 131 on sale. Tier…

8. December 2017.
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Reward tanks – all changes in Patch 9.20.1.

reward tanks

In last few days I posted about every change but, every time in single post. So here you will be abble to see all…

28. September 2017.
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Object 260 – reworked missions for reward tank

Object 260 is final reward tank. And every players should be aiming for him. It’s like you take the best form IS – 7…

28. September 2017.
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T55 A – reworked mission for reward tank

t55 a T-55A

It’s well know that T55 A is German tank in World of Tanks. Third reward tank in campagne. Like for every other tank, mission…

28. September 2017.
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Personal Missions New Features in Detail


We alredy made a post about Personal Missions. But New Features in Detail are showed in video form WG. Personal Missions Once back in…

28. September 2017.
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DAMAGE DEALERS TOP 10 in World of Tanks

top10 damage dealers

Another great episode from DezGames, top 10 damage dealers. It’s not about top 10 dpm, or posible dmg. It’s about top 10 average dmg…

27. September 2017.
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T28 HTC – reworked missions in Patch 9.20.1

t28 htc

T28 HTC is second reward tank in campaign. Tier 7 American’s tank destroyer. T28 HTC missions changed MISSION CHANGE LT-7 Primary condition Before: Spot and…

26. September 2017.
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