New format for League

New format for League?

According to the Game2Day insider, the new season of League will give fans of tank e-sports a big “surprise” – a new format…

14. July 2017.
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Chrysler K GF – USA heavy premium tank – Video and gallery

With The Grand Finals of league we will get new premium tank: Chrysler K GF – USA heavy premium tank. We make one gallery…

17. May 2017.
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Patch 9.19 Supertest notes – What is new?

secund common patch 9.19 hd models

Us we all know Patch 9.18 come yesterday to EU server but, Patch 9.19 is right behind corner. Wargaming published what will be tested…

28. April 2017.
Read more » League Europe Gold Series Relegations League relegations are starting today at 19 pm. This is big chance for our team, TWB-Gaming, to get back in Gold league. Teams…

21. April 2017.
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Absolute Supremacy tournament has reached knockout phase – WOT

This Wednesday (2nd November) Second phase playoff of Absolute Supremacy tournament will take place, with 8 teams fighting for the throne. As all of…

9. January 2017.
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Maus Heavy tank is getting much needed buff! WOT

A month ago, developers announced that Maus will get a big buff in order to put it back in shape. Long time ago, Maus…

9. January 2017.
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Every penalty will be punished! World of Tanks

Wargaming has banned several players from Not so serious – the tam that competes in Gold league on CIS server. The reason is simple,…

9. January 2017.
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Wargaming is bringing in the night in World of Tanks

Yup, you’ve read it good, in the future we can expect to fight with our lights on. For a while WoT programmers were trying…

9. January 2017.
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