Advent Calendar day 11: T-44-100 Advent offer

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Ten days and ten offers are alredy gone. Today is advent calendar day 11. And in day 11 we have: T-44-100 on sale. Tier…

11. December 2017.
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Advent Calendar Day 10 – world of tanks

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Deal for E25 is over. Today is advent calendar day 10. And in day 10 we have: Lorraine 40 T on sale. Tier 8…

10. December 2017.
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Advent calendar day 8 – Tiger 131

advent calendar day 7, advent calendar day 8, Advent Calendar Day 15, Advent Calendar Day 19

Thunderbolt was yesterday’s deal and it’s  over. Today is advent calendar day 8. And in day  8 we have: Tiger 131 on sale. Tier…

8. December 2017.
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Day 8 of summer sale: FCM 50t france heavy tank

day 8 - summer - sale

At day 8 of summer sale we again have france tier 8 premium tank. This time is france tier 8  heavy  tank. Day 8:…

14. July 2017.
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Day 7 of summer sale: IS – 6 tier 8 heavy tank – real deal

day 7 summer-sale

How tank with number 6 came to the day 7? 😀 IS – 6 with realy nice price is today tank on 30% discount….

13. July 2017.
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Day 6 of summer sale: T – 54 first prototype

day 6 - summer-sale

Day 6 is here and after AMX CDC,  today we have special discount for T – 54 first prototype. Soviet tier 8 premium medium tank….

12. July 2017.
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Day 5 of summer sale: AMX CDC – true bagatelle

day 5 -summer-sale

It’s day 5 of summer sale and I need to say this is true bagatelle. Day 5 of summer sale: AMX CDC For 20,  just…

11. July 2017.
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Day 4 of summer sale: 112 tier 8 heavy tank

You alredy know that all tank are on 30% discount. And following that in day 4 of summer sale we have 112 chinese tier…

10. July 2017.
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Day 3 of summer sale: STRV S1 Tier 8 Tank Destroyer

day 3

After T34, in day 3 we have STRV on disconut.. Like yesterday there is two choice for you. Day 3 bundels: Ther is 2…

9. July 2017.
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