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9.19 patch is here with new premium TD in tech tree

9.19 patch is here with new premium TD in tech tree

New patch 9.19 is already on EU servers. In this patch we got new premium TD. This  is  tier 8 Swedish TD which you…

31. May 2017.
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Chrysler K GF – USA heavy premium tank – Video and gallery

With The Grand Finals of league we will get new premium tank: Chrysler K GF – USA heavy premium tank. We make one gallery…

17. May 2017.
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Tiger 131 Tier VI premium heavy tank – supertest info

tiger 131

As we say in one of our previous text about news in Patch 9.19 There will be added some tanks into tech tree. One…

28. April 2017.
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Premium Shop Type 59 only for 24h – 1.4.2017.

Listen guys, Premium Shop Type 59 Chinese tier 8 medium tank is back (again). Premium Shop Type 59 And here’s the picture. Of…

1. April 2017.
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13th mission for T25 Pilot marathon

13th mission for t25 pilot marathon

13th mission for T25 Pilot is from the group of easiest missions. All you need to do for 13th mission is to kill 30…

24. March 2017.
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TWB Giveaway – 8 bonus codes for WOT!

TWB Giveaway - 8 bonus codes for WOT!

We asked you how to share bonus codes in this year’s first TWB Giveaway. And you said: ”Let’s make a facebook post where we can…

18. March 2017.
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3rd mission for T25 Pilot 1 premium tier 8 tank

3rd mission T25 Pilot day3

Here we go tankers 3rd day on marathon and there is 3rd mission for T25 pilot 1 premium tier 8 tank. All you need…

14. March 2017.
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Second mission T25 Pilot 1 – mission marathon for reward tank

Second mission T25 Pilot 1

After today’s “super-easy” mission, the second one has been revealed as well. The second mission T25 Pilot 1 will be available available throughout the…

12. March 2017.
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New Tier VIII Premium Swedish Tank Destroyer

Hi tankers. We found out one nice video about New Tier VIII Premium Swedish Tank Destroyer which is coming in World of Tanks. Video is from…

4. February 2017.
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“Top Tankers” Event – your chance to get Type 59 – WOT

Marathon for T 44-100 hasn’t finished yet, and we already have new event coming from Wargaming. And this one is completely different from any…

9. January 2017.
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