ESL: Go4WoT Europe Cup 313 – Results

ESL: Go4WoT Europe Cup 313 - Results

Go4WoT Europe Cup 313 was played on sunday, 9. April 2017. at 3:00 PM. 128 teams participated in the race for great rewards. Total…

10. April 2017.
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ESL Go4WoT Europe Finals – March 2017

ESL Go4WoT Europe Finals - March 2017

Monthly ESL Go4WoT Finals – March 2017 was played on Monday, 3. April 2017 starting at 6:00 PM. Twelve teams were participating in in race…

5. April 2017.
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ESL #Go4WoT January 2017 Finals

This Monday (06.02.2017) our team TWB-gaming played ESL Go4WoT January 2017 Finals where they took the honorable third place. First match round 16 TWB-gaming vs No Hard Feelings From…

7. February 2017.
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We win The WGL EU Open Qualifiers- TWB in WGLEU

We wait to enter in WGL Gold Series long time. This was 4th time in this season that we had a chance to join…

9. January 2017.
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TWB WOT team Go4WoT finish 2nd on Europe Cup #275

TWB-Gaming played Go4WoT Europe Cup #275 and took 2nd place. We lose in finals vs WGL Gold League team Kazna.kru with score 3-1. Whole…

9. January 2017.
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CS:GO – ESL One Cologne 2016 – Fragmovie

  Sick plays edited to a fragmovie from the ESL One Cologne 2016 Major! Frags by : RpK, ELiGE, k0nfig, wayLander, GeT_RiGhT, flusha, karrigan,…

9. January 2017.
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The Wild BunchTWB [The Wild Bunch] is a Professional eSports team based in Serbia founded in June of 2015 by Nebojsa "Mr_Kela" Filipovic. At The Wild Bunch we strive to be the best there is and let no team stand in our way. Our players have years of experience behind them and put in many hours in each day to practice and get better at the game. We work in close collaboration with our sponsors to help fund and bring out the best our team has to offer.


The Wild Bunch