Supertest update – baby Maus is coming! WOT

Yes you’ve read it good, for all of you who want Maus, but don’t want to suffer with VK 45.02A there are 2 new heavy tanks ready to hit the servers. Supertest got introduced to 2 new heavy tanks, and they will be added after the Tiger (P), so now we will have two ways to get the Maus. You could either go the path that was in game so far, and that is VK 45.02A – VK 45.02B line, or the new VK 100.01 (P) – Mauschen line. First one to be tested is the Mauschen, the new tier IX heavy, or you can call it the “baby mouse”. To get the better picture we will compare the stats of Mauschen to VK 45.02B you can check that out in the table bellow.

Statistics Mauschen VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B
Tier 9 9
Hit points 2200 1950
Turret traverse 15 dg/s 18,77 dg/s
View range 400 m 400 m
Hull traverse 15 dg/s 20 dg/s
Max speed 20/15 km/h 30/15 km/h
Standard shell pen 246mm 246mm
Alpha dmg 490 490
Accuracy 0.38 0.36
Gun depresion -8 -5
Aim time 2,3 s 2,78 s
Reload 14,384 s 15,05 s
Hull armor 200/140/135 200/100/100
Turret armor 230/160/160 252/160/160
DPM 2044 HP 1952 HP

As you’ve already noticed these are the stats for the top 12.8 Kw.K 44 L/55 gun, and top turret. With premium rounds this tank will have 311mm pen. Stock gun will not be too bad, as this tank will mount 12.8 cm Kw.K L/50 gun with 220mm pen with regular, and rather poor 250mm pen with gold. Standard shell cost for the top gun is 1070, and if you spam gold, you will have to spend 3598 credits per shot. Overall this will be a cool refreshment for the game, and will let you get used to Maus before you take it. Stay stronK as Maus!

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