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WN8 anton

“How to raise WN8?” “Which tank will help me to raise WN8?”. These are some of the questions I’ve been facing off in the past few months. And always, comments are made off a bunch of stupid and useless advices, just like the question itself is. Why I think they are stupid and useless? Because they are on a par as question “What should I take if my tooth hurts?”. Well, you can take whatever you want. You will feel the pain as soon as drug stops working. In the matter of WoT, you can have that one tank that Gods of this game suggested to you. However, when you take some other tank your problem of low WN8 will occur again. So, you did not solved the main problem of your game.

WN8 as a knowledge criterion

WN8 should be observed doubly. As constructive and destructive part of someone’s game. If you meet the player that has WN8 2500+ on 20-30-40k games, it is a sign that he is a good player. His quality of gameplay is constantly good. He almost certainly will not camp on red line all the time and waiting for spot from his team. These kind of players do not rely too much on their team. Instead, they want to be in the center of the battle. Always using their tank to the maximum. Because, besides WN8, they also take care about mark of excellences. And for that, WN7 (assist. dmg) is very important thing. Everybody wants WN8, while WN7 is a little neglected. However, WN7 is an important factor of a good play. Everybody can make a good WN8 with camp and snipe because all WN8 is counting is damage.

Destructive power of WN8

On the other hand, if you meet the player that have few hundreds battles and WN8 over 2-3k it is a clear sign that is a reroll account, new account and etc. According to an unwritten rule, such a players are more passive. WN8 is very important to them and camping becomes a very attractive option. Blessing in disguise is that that kind of play bores them very fast. Their stats then go very low because they do not have fully understanding of the game mechanics. Or, they go back on their main account where they have more tanks researched. In any case, it would be interesting to see some psychological research to see which of our complexes are the most triggered by WN8.

How to solve the problem of WN8?

How to solve this problem? Well, watch and analyze gameplay of the good players. And not just a shooter part, that everyone can do. The most important part of quality play is tank knowledge. Knowing the difference between Russian, American and German mediums for example. What is the main function of these tanks? Where they are the best? When and why to reposition? Psychological aspect of the game where player stands alone against 5 or more enemies can brings you a lot of help in raising your quality. How to stretch opponent across the map if you are driving a fast tank? How to use armor effectively if you driving a heavy tank with bad mobility? These are question that you should ask if you want better statistics.

Starting ideas for problem solving

WN8 is a statistical measure that can tell a lot about someone’s quality. But behind that numbers that signifies the damage a numerous details are hidden. These details are making the most important distinction between the good player and the player that wants to raise his WN8 using one tank only. And you know – The Devil is in the details. So, serious analysis of good gameplays and implementation of these elements in your game are the one and only way to improve your quality.

Would you like to have once per week a list of videos with a good gameplays from which you can learn? Tell us in the comments down below. Besides that, on this site you can check out the amount of damage required for every single tank in the game: Having that numbers in your mind can tell you what should be your goal in every game. That would be a nice first step in raising your quality.

Do not solve the consequence, solve the cause of the problem.

Good luck on the battlefield and GG!

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