Personal missions were redesigned in Update 9.20.1.

personal missions

Personal missions were redesigned in Update 9.20.1. It doesn’t boil down to simply reviewing their conditions, adjusting difficulty or tuning them to changes in the Random Battle mode – Wargaming created an all-new, comfortable interface and revised the mechanics of completing mission sets. New mechanics of mission completion.


New Interface

The entry point to Personal missions will be changed, it’s now located in the Garage header where a new PM (working title) tab will emerge between Missions and Achievements.

The main menu for PM was also reworked. We made it clearer and more comfortable to navigate so nobody would wonder about the required order of mission completion.

The missions UI is styled on a tactical map and will display the progress of completion more vividly.


New mechanics of mission completion

Commendations were removed. They were replaced by two new entities: Vehicle Components and Orders. These are received for completing the final mission in the set. Components are awarded for fulfilling the primary conditions while orders are awarded for completing with honors the 15th mission in a set.

Components are used to receive a reward vehicle—you get it upon completing all five sets of missions.

An order is a whole another deal as it allows to skip the completion of any mission. That’s right—if you’re stuck on a mission, it can be skipped if you were able to complete with honors any last mission in the set and receive a reward for that earlier. Final missions can also be skipped, but a total of whole 4 orders will be required to do so. A bit more complicated but totally worth it. Besides that, you can redo the mission and retrieve the order since they are reusable. Orders can also be stored and transferred to next operations, i.e. upon collecting them over time you would be able to skip even several mission sets, that is, provided you have enough orders.

The progress of Personal mission completion will obviously be tracked upon update release

You will receive orders for any final mission completed with honors, provided you didn’t skip them. The reward for fulfilling the primary conditions of skipped final missions will also be received.  So, e.g. if you completed the StuG IV and T28 HTC operations by skipping the SPG sets, you will receive the reward for fulfilling the primary conditions. And this amounts to two additional female crew members, by the way.

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