Patch 9.19.1 is on live server – what is changed?

patch 9.19.1

Patch 9.19.1  is on live server. If you didn’t see what is changed. We are going to show you the most interesting stuff.

Matchmaker in Patch 9.19.1

Matchmaker will be better, there is going to equal numer of lights, artys and TDs. But not just that, they are going to be same tier. So far light in team 1 was tier 8 and in team 2 light was tier 10, or something like that. There is no more chance for that.

From now there will be option to add one, only one, arty to the platoon.

Boot Camp

New traning ground. I tested it, and it’s nice. Just take to much time to find server for you. Maybe it’s just now, becouse everybody want to try it. I don’t know. Probably is going to be faster with time, and less players.

Previous traning ground was more and less fine, but you could finish it for 5 minutes. After that you were ready to play. Were you ready? It’s hard to say.

Patch 9.19.1 other changes:

  • Revision of some personal missions
  • WZ 111 model 5a is a new tier X chinese heavy tank. Tank is added to tech tree.
  • Comader in SH detacment can draw at minimap
  • Pudel – tier 6 poland medium tank
  • HD models

If you want to see all the changes in patch 9.19.1 link is here.

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