E50M cheater or not? Question is now! E50M 11.3k dmg - VIDEO The Wild Bunch Gaming awards page!

T55 A – reworked mission for reward tank

t55 a T-55A

It’s well know that T55 A is German tank in World of Tanks. Third reward tank in campagne. Like for every other tank, mission…

28. September 2017.
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Personal Missions New Features in Detail


We alredy made a post about Personal Missions. But New Features in Detail are showed in video form WG. Personal Missions Once back in…

28. September 2017.
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DAMAGE DEALERS TOP 10 in World of Tanks

top10 damage dealers

Another great episode from DezGames, top 10 damage dealers. It’s not about top 10 dpm, or posible dmg. It’s about top 10 average dmg…

27. September 2017.
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T28 HTC – reworked missions in Patch 9.20.1

t28 htc

T28 HTC is second reward tank in campaign. Tier 7 American’s tank destroyer. T28 HTC missions changed MISSION CHANGE LT-7 Primary condition Before: Spot and…

26. September 2017.
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Stug IV – Reworked missions for Update 9.20.1

stug iv

WarGaming choosed to rework missions for Stug IV. As you all know Stug IV is first reward tank which you can get by finishing…

26. September 2017.
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The Best Drummer – AMX 50 Foch B

AMX 50 Foch B is new “hero” in World of Tanks. He don’t have good alpha damage or speed, Amx 50 Foch B have…

23. September 2017.
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Update 9.20.1 Common Test Review

Update 9.20.1 will come soon, for about 3 to 4 weeks. And let’s see what is coming in this update. Update 9.20.1 Common Test…

23. September 2017.
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The UGLIEST tank in World of Tanks?


The UGLIEST tank hmmmm… there is a lots of choices. The UGLIEST tank in World of Tanks For me, personaly the ugliset tank in…

21. September 2017.
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Vehicle Rebalance in Update 9.20.1 – Video


In this video you can see developer speaking about Vehicle Rebalance in Update 9.20.1. Vehicle Rebalance in Update 9.20.1 They will speak about British Mediums,…

15. September 2017.
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FV215b 183 is going to replaced! World of Tanks

fv215b 183

Wargaming is going to replace FV 215b becouse is ot logical end of the UK heavy branch. But following that does WarGaming going to…

14. September 2017.
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