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Update 9.20.1 Common Test Review

Update 9.20.1 will come soon, for about 3 to 4 weeks. And let’s see what is coming in this update. Update 9.20.1 Common Test…

23. September 2017.
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The UGLIEST tank in World of Tanks?


The UGLIEST tank hmmmm… there is a lots of choices. The UGLIEST tank in World of Tanks For me, personaly the ugliset tank in…

21. September 2017.
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Vehicle Rebalance in Update 9.20.1 – Video


In this video you can see developer speaking about Vehicle Rebalance in Update 9.20.1. Vehicle Rebalance in Update 9.20.1 They will speak about British Mediums,…

15. September 2017.
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FV215b 183 is going to replaced! World of Tanks

fv215b 183

Wargaming is going to replace FV 215b becouse is ot logical end of the UK heavy branch. But following that does WarGaming going to…

14. September 2017.
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Earn Bonds in Random – Patch 9.20.1 World of Tanks

earn bonds

Today Wargaming started sharing more information about Update 9.20.1. And for its first big announcement, they are expanding the possibility of earning bonds. Players…

14. September 2017.
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Personal missions were redesigned in Update 9.20.1.

personal missions

Personal missions were redesigned in Update 9.20.1. It doesn’t boil down to simply reviewing their conditions, adjusting difficulty or tuning them to changes in…

14. September 2017.
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WGL week 2 – show must go on! – World of Tanks

wgl week 2

Today start second week of WGL in World of Tanks. Week 1 was super intense, but let’s see what we will see in WGL…

14. September 2017.
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Hall of Fame – Beta version for new personal rating

hall of fame

Wargaming decided that curent personal rating isn’t the best parametear to show how go player is, or how bad is it. We can agree…

13. September 2017.
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Programmers Day – 256th day in a year

programmers day

Programmers day is the 256th day in a year. This year this is 13t September. On leap year it’s 12th. Programmers Day Fun fuct…

13. September 2017.
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iPhone X – what you will get for 999$

iPhone x

Today Apple has presented the new iPhone – iPhone X. And new one cost 999$. There is a question, which kindey you will sell…

12. September 2017.
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