OWadria – ROWAL tournament 1st Qualifier TWB Gaming Overwatch team

ROWAL tournament

Well, yesterday, we played our first tournament as TWB Gaming Overwatch team on ROWAL tournament 1st Qualifier.

ROWAL tournament 1st Qualifier

Our first match was versus Povratak otpisanih, both maps were close but we had a better defense so we won 🙂

Dorado 2:1
Eichenwalde 2:2 – opposite team didn’t manage to get further than our payload.

Second match was vs Let’s make some noyyz, on Hollywood attack we had some difficulties around synergy since we haven’t played more than 10 h together and in defense first two stages we didn’t regroup while last stage I failed with my call, due to lack of communication.

While Oasis, we engaged to slow in 4th round in last engagement to equalize into 2:2 and get a chance to get the map back, but opponents took that into their advantage, they fought well and completely deserved the victory.

Hollywood 0:3
Oasis 1:3

Third match was versus team Useless box. We won both king of the hill maps, we maintained control of the point pretty well.

Ilios 3:0
Lijiang 3:0

Source: Laya Facebook profile which you can follow on this link.

You can check out our matches on our youtube channel

You can also check highlights from the ROWAL 1st Qualifier tournament  here.

We qualified for the ROWAL league, so wish us a good luck. 🙂

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