New format for League

New format for League?

According to the Game2Day insider, the new season of League will give fans of tank e-sports a big “surprise” – a new format of the match.

New format

The developers will expand the team-participants to 15 players on the X level tanks. There is no official confirmation from Wargaming. Yet, but conversations about changing the format have been going on for a long time. So the news doesn’t seem to be a fiction.

If the rumor turns out to be true, it will be quite possible to expect new participants on the professional stage – representatives of the top-ranking clans World of Tanks. They can feel better in a familiar format.

Source: WoT Express



Now we are working on improving the format of the tournament. Together with players from all regions we have already chosen several concepts of the new league, which will undergo thorough testing. As in the course of development, during testing of new formats we will continue to work side by side with professional players, as their opinion and expertise are of great importance.

Our common goal is to jointly create an exciting and spectacular format for the spectators, which will be convenient for athletes at the same time.

The search for the most suitable format will continue until the end of 2017. Time will tell how strong the changes will be.

The transitional season of 2017

In the period of change, we want to provide players with stability, and fans – entertainment. In parallel with testing the new appearance of the league in September, the next season of the League will start, the format of which will resemble last year’s.

As a result of the season, the best teams of each region will meet at the international tournament, which will be held in Moscow in December.

Insader was right, but we are goinng to wait for 2018 for new format.

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