MTLS – 1G14 one of the rarest tanks in WoT

mtls rarest tank ever

When i saw that MTLS will get HD model I started thinking. And tried to remember do i every saw this tank in battle? No, i don’t. I made text about this tank on serbian a week ago, but somehow i forget to translate it for you.

MTLS – 1G14

Is a tier 3 SAD light tank. This is one of the rarest tanks in game. Why? Becouse this tank should be in gift package,  wg code leaked and MTLS never go public. But few tanks find way to RU server (today fellow tanker say there is few on SEA server aswell).

Becouse we can’t buy this tank i won’t do full review. Just some fun facts.

Gun or Guns

Do you know a name of tank who have two fully operational guns? MTLS is the only one. Guns calibers are 37mm. There are 10 shells in clip. When you fire AP you have 45mm of penetration and 40 dmg. If you press 2 two times and load some premium rounds you will have 61 mm of penetration.

Armor and mobility

This tank have same amount of steel for amror at hull and turret. Frontaly and at side there is 37 mm, rear 25mm of armor. Top speed is 42 km/h.


As i alredy said this is not a full review. And i won’t bother you with tons of information. Just watch the video i see for yourself how good this tank realy is.

I hope WG will put this tank in premium store.

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