KV-122, one more USSR premium tank! World of Tanks

This tank can be described as a mix between KV-13 and IS-2. It’s not the fastest, doesn’t have the best gun, but it’s Russian so it will do the work! So what we have here is a tank that goes forward at 42 km/h, backward 14km/h. So you won’t get far using your speed. Frontal armor of the tank at this moment is 75mm, reasonably sloped, similar to the IS, so you will have giant lower plate weak spot, for any tank that you will face, while tier VI will kinda struggle with upper parts. When we talk about the gun it has standard Russian 122mm potato gun. Why do I call it potato you may ask, its bcs of it’s aiming stats, but at ranges up to 150m it will do the work, and since this is tier VII tank, with 175mm pen you will be able to harass just about any tank from you tier. Other gun stats are aiming time 3.2 seconds, accuracy 0.46, and a reload of 12.3 seconds, be aware that these are stock values so the y can be reduced for about 20%, depending of skills and equipment you use. As far as we see, this tank will be great support for the heavies, bcs of that big gun it carries, and it will be in its comfort zone when it gets in top tier or in light tier VIII games (ones with 1-3 tier VIII tanks). There is still no info of when it will hit the shop, but since it is on Super test, we expect it in the coming month.Stay stronK!

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