How to play light tanks in cities (video)

Light tanks don’t have good enough firepower to be competitive against heavy tanks.

They lack penetration, alpha damage, they don’t have any armor to engage heavy tanks face-to-face.

However, light tanks can still play a nice support role even on the city maps sometimes. Flank enemy heavy tanks for an opportunity to track enemy heavy tank at the worst (for the enemy) moment. Catch enemy heavy tank just after it fires and don’t let it roll back to cover, which will enable your allies to kill enemy heavy tank a lot quicker. Track enemy super heavy not to let it fall back and to let your team flank it and kill it a lot quicker. Save your team time and hitpoints.

This contribution from light tank doesn’t seem to be as important as spotting 10 tanks, but when you, little light tank, turn an equal fight of heavies into your victory, you will feel your power. It’s not easy, there are always many guns around there, and some gun will probably watch you, but try to find a nice moment to peek out and break enemy’s leg. If you want to keep enemy locked in place for longer, high explosives could be very helpful as well.

High explosives allow you some little inaccuracy, but the splash of high explosives will reset the enemy’s repair timer.

How to play light tanks in cities watch in this video:

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