How to increase FPS in World of Tanks?

Hello tankers! This post is to help people with bad PC – how to increase FPS in world of tanks.

So plan is to everyone who know any trick to write in comments below and I will add it in this post. I know that many players have problem with FPS and that there is like in every game some tricks about setup game to increase FPS. Because I have “good” pc and I don’t have problems with FPS (mine working on max fps everything on max)and I can’t help much with it, I’m asking you to help with your experience about game settings.

So which settings do you use in World of Tanks?  How much FPS do you have?  What you suggest to turn off for people with bad PC? I know it’s easiest to put everything on minimum and that is it but there must be tricks to not be everything on minimum and still to have better FPS :DD

I will add your comments in this post and I hope so this will help someone to play World of Tanks on better FPS 😀

I find one video on WG Ru youtube channel so for the start that is something :DD

How to increase PFS in World of Tanks?

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