THE MOST HATED MAP in World of Tanks

the most hated map in world of tanks

It’s been about 30 days ago when I posted Poll for THE MOST HATED MAP in World of Tanks. Now I will show you results.

Poll: THE MOST HATED MAP in World of Tanks

I made a small mistake

There was 2 223 votes. There should be a lot more but I forgoted to say you can vote for 5 maps. I saw that a few hours later. And then I edited the post. But I belive the most of you voted in that time when I forgoted that “small” detail. This is not so big mistake, becouse I posted same poll on our Balkan version of TWB site. And there I say, at the start, that they could vote for 5 maps.


Paris is the most hated map in World of Tanks with 347 votes (16%). Second place is Stallingrad with 189 votes, and on third position with just one vote less – Kharkov. Fourth is Pilsen (165) and fifth place is reserved for Erlenberg.

Top hated list should contain just top 3. But Erlenberg, for me personaly the most hated map, is fifth. So I make a list little longer. A small benefit being author.

If you look closely at top three. You will see that there are map which were added to the game in last year. Or a bit longer.  I thing there is two main reasons for that kind of result. One – people don’t play enough on this maps, maybe they need more time. To analyse map better and get comfortable on them.

Or second reason – someone in WarGaming should reconsider their decision about employees in this division. And maps added lately to the game are bad. Bad? (You can use any word you like to describe them) Yes bad, they wont be at top three in poll for most hated maps if they are all right.

What are you think about these results? Did you expect this kind of result, or you think there is a map worse than Paris? Leave a commnet bellow, or on our FB Page, link to the page is here.

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