Hall of Fame – Beta version for new personal rating

hall of fame

Wargaming decided that curent personal rating isn’t the best parametear to show how go player is, or how bad is it. We can agree that wn8 is better way to show how much skill player have. It’s not the best way, becouse most player say that wn8 is just about how much dmg  you make. That isn’t competly true but, dmg definitly have big impact on wn8. So we are going to have new Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame – Beta version

New PR called Hall of Fame will be part of next patch. 

And here is a video that show how it is going to work:

Maybe I am wrong, but I belive that small percent of people who read news at TWB Gaming understood Brazilian language. And becouse of that I am going to explain how Hall of Fame will work.

Let’s start

Only random battles will be used to calculate the new value, and the classification is made of each individual vehicle. The Overall Classification will be calculated taking into account all vehicles.

To calculate the classification five main parameters are taken into account: Survival Rate, Damage, Damage Blocked, Assists, Frags. For each vehicle, each individual parameter has its own weight depending on what’s is important for it.

For example, using two completely different vehicles, the Bat.-Chat. 25t and the Maus. The French medium tank has almost no armour, so the blocked armour doesn’t count for the calculation. At the same time, this value is 30% for the Maus, meaning the blocked damage value on the German heavy tank, it’s 30% of its general efficacy in a battle.

The classification is very flexible and it will change with each game update, meaning if a vehicle is rebalanced its main parameters will be updated too.

The Hall of Fame has also been updated to a friendlier, easier version and it’s now divided into two ratings: Random Battle Achievements and Selected Vehicles in Random Battles.

Players will be able to check any classification by month and for more details. A new filter helps players to find any specific player or even a Clan so you can compare to all those players at the same time.

Stay artysafe and GG!

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