Go4WoT Europe Cup #306 – TWB Gaming on the top of the podium!

TWB Gaming

In the last week tournament Go4WoT Europe Cup #306, TWB Gaming managed to climb on the top of the podium and win the first place! Yay! 🙂 In addition that this victory means a lot in terms of preparations for the return in Wargaming Gold League, it is also significant even in terms of earnings. Namely, the first place gets 250 Euros.  When divided in 7 players it comes to about 35 Euros, which is not bad for one afternoon of playing World of Tanks. 🙂

Go4WoT Europe Cup #306 – a road to victory of TWB Gaming

The entire road you can see at this link. There were really a lot of fights, therefore it would be too much to write about each respectively. Nevertheless, the most interesting were played at the end, of course. Semifinal against Infinite eSports.WoT was very good for us, we were able to crush the resistance of the enemy in first two rounds. Although we sincerely expected even stronger defiance, especially in the first round that we won 7-0.

In the final we met the team Nothing Special. In fact, that was demanding, since they fairly kicked our butts in the first round with the result 7-2. However, next three rounds went to TWB Gaming team. We learned our lessons from the Gold League. 😀

In conclusion, it only remains for us to call you to join the competition. Lots of gold, and even cash is waiting in the Go4WoT Europe Cup if you are going to play good. Check the list of rules here. In case you find yourself here, sign up, show that you are good.

Good luck on the battlefield and GG!

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