Gamescom Murazor interview or how will WoT progress

Gamescom 2016 is finished, and as far as World of Tanks is in matter, some cool stuff will arrive by the end of the year. Some of these info are from Gamescom, where Wargaming programmers answered burning questions about World of Tanks, and others are from Murazors Gamescom stream. We have packed all of the coolest and most important stuff together for you guys, so this is it, enjoy!

-In the new mini game, that celebrates 100 years from the Big war, the goal will be to help Mark I to reach the enemy base, players will use Lanchester armored cars, and the game itself will be there for all platforms.

-For Swedish tank tree, so far we have made whole arty line (one more line of clickers, yeeyy), 2 medium tank lines and one light tank line. As far as everything else goes Swedish nation has a full potential to have 1 heavy tan line, and 2 tank destroyer lines.

-Swedish tanks arrival can be compared to the days when French tanks got introduced, they will be completely different from the others. Tier VIII-X vehicles will have hydraulic suspension.

-So far we have couple of prototypes of these suspensions, and couple of ways to low or raise your tanks and to traverse them around.

-If the players like this new suspension STB-1 will get it as well.

-At this point we are having an argument on whether the Swedish tanks will have auto-loaders, because they did had both types of loading in reality, but they might be OP if we implement them auto-loading system as well.

-Some Swedish tank destroyers will have their forward speed same as their backward speed. (this will be fun to chase if you drive something like a Maus)

-In mid-autumn there will be new sandbox. We got a bit carried away on changes that we made on summer testing, so we will try to achieve golden middle now.

-We are working very hard on new match making, and also on mid-autumn we are expecting to put it to the test, the main goal is to program it so it doesn’t make unbalanced teams and piss of players because of that. (I’m pretty sure he said “make players angry”, but I personally don’t get angry, I get pissed off by MM)

-Patch 9.16 will bring us some more new sound of guns and surrounding, also the interface itself will be undergoing some changes with better optimization. (whatever that means)

-Map Paris will be coming in the next patch, but the map Stalingrad will be reworked in order to get smother gameplay.

-From mods in the new patch we will be adding two row garage and in game damage log! (finally)

-Besides match making, we are bringing our best efforts to change the spotting technique, in order to stop the tanks teleporting. We are working both on server and client part of the spotting mechanism, but we will talk more of this in September, when the testing is finished.

And now we are going to the second part which is the Murazors stream at the end of the Gamescom 2016.

-RHM Skorpion G was planed to be and action tank, it won’t be on sale all the time. (like we didn’t knew that, also if you like check, out our review of Skorpion G)

-We will soon introduce one more German TD, this time it will be tier 7 Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger with 88mm gun.

-We are curently working on ingame training system for new players.

-Panther 88 will get a buff.

-Grile 15 is OP, but when will that thing get nerfed I don’t know.

-French AMX M4 mle 49 turned out to be too strong on test server, so we are currently reworking it.

-Scouts will son get some nice changes, I think players are gonna love it.

-T 54 mod. 1 will also get a buff bcs it cost more than a Mutz but it’s not any better than Mutz. (another OP tank based on t54 comming boys)

-There will be no marathon on Russian server bcs there are new personal missions comming.

-Kirovec-1 and Obj 777 are postponed until further notice.

-FV 215b – yes it will be replaced, no it will not happen soon.

-AMX 13 57 will also be reworked.

-Yes, there is and idea to simply speed up slowest tanks.

-Yes, VK 45.02 A needs to be buffed. (naah man, it’s cool like this kappa)

-Tier V premium tanks are problematic, almost all of them need to be buffed.

-New suspension on the Swedish Strv will be there for sure.

And that’s it boys, we tried to give you the most important answers about the World of Tanks future, currently it does look very bright. Wargaming has decided to change a lot of stuff, so we can only hope they will manage to accomplish all of that in reasonable period of time. Hope you enjoyed it, and keep up with our web site and our Facebook group TWB Gaming, stay stronk!

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