European tech tree – tanks of all the European countries, UNITE!

European tech tree

European tech tree is an idea about which we usually used to talk on wot forums. Now, it could become a reality, because, apparently, Wargaming decided to make some plans. Namely, they want to merge more countries that cannot have their own tech tree into one big tree.

European tech tree

This news came up recently thanks to the insider from Wargaming. He said that Wargaming will try to create a single European tech tree for all countries that have had their participation in WWII, but don’t have enough material for their own tech trees. For example, we should be able to find Italian branch of tanks, Romanian, Hungarian, Switzerland (they should implement a bank, not a tank 🙂 ) and so on. In this way, the clutter effect will be reduced. I guess because of nine branches that we already have in the game. However, Italian or Hungarian (and all the rest) tanks will be merged with Swedish and Czechoslovakian tanks.

European tech tree

Now, the next question arises. How to organize such a thing? If we take into the account that every country that have had at least one original tank in WWII could find its place in this tech tree, maybe it would be nice to split that tech tree in two parts. One should be associated with Axix power countries and the other one with Allied countries. Hm, what do you guys think about that?

Please, take this news with the reserve, it is not confirmed and it may look different or not look at all like this.

Good luck on the battlefield and stay arty safe.

SOURCE: wotexpress

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