Erlenberg – reworked map on supertest for Patch 9.20

Two version of Erlenberg are added on supertest server. As you all know, Erlenberg is one of the most hated maps in World of Tanks. So if WG doesn’t want to remove it, rework is second best move.

Erlenberg on Supertest – Version one

1.  Central urban area is significant increased. That should give heavy tanks more place where they can go. So far they can only go to castle or camp at the back, on other side they could sit on the hill and wait for spot or rush thro the coridor.

2.  Base areas also have been changed.

  • On lef side you can see the river geting some turns near the Castle.  On this map TDs from south base rush to small hil and snipe. Now is the question, can players go to this area lower the number 2 on image?
  • Right side look like it will get some increased area on the north. This should help to the defenders. So they  have better positions to hold on the attack.

Erlenberg on Supertest – Version two

1.  Bases have been moved. They will also be changed in Attack/Defence map.

2.  Spawn areas has been split to both sides of the river. Result: reducing time wasted to move across.

3.  Some changes to the defending points at the map.

Erlenberg on Supertest – Version three

There isn’t version three. But, I have some prepositions to the developers. Go with Version 1 and split spawn areas. And that’s should be fine. If they choose version 2 map wont change. It stay the old most hated map.

That is all for now, stay artysafe and GG!


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