Effective Light Tank in Lakeville (video)

How to be effective light tank in Lakeville, where to go and why?

Lakeville is one of the maps, which have giant potential for a light tank, but where most LT players make a lot of wrong decisions, and therefore either die quickly, or guard some bush near the base. Some light tank players rush the valley (lines 1-2), they bump into enemy heavies or die from artillery. Others rush the middle path, sometimes spot there effectively, but most of the time they meet there enemy lights and enjoy the rest of the battle shaking from fear behind the rock. Some light tank players learned about the bushes at the coast of the lake, which are sometimes effective indeed. But can a light tank ALWAYS be effective in Lakeville? Can a single light tank completely dominate the lake and the area around it? Can a light tank provide spotting for 5, 6, 8 thousand assistance damage every time it’s in Lakeville? The answer is yes!

The key point is to use the coast near the town, which provides nice view on the middle path, where enemy tank destroyers and mediums often sunbathe, as well as lets you have a glance on the heavy tanks, running to the town. And whenever you are in danger, you dive into town, into safety, to disappear for a little moment, only to come back and spot everyone again!

Effective Light Tank in Lakeville (video)

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Good luck tankers!

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