Effective Light Tank in Ensk (video)

How to be effective Light Tank in Ensk?

Some people like to play like tanks because they enjoy LT gameplay (like I do), they know nice positions, they can use light tanks really effectively, others have light tanks in the garage simply because from time to time it’s nice to yolo around and swear at your allies, who didn’t shoot the targets you spotted. In either case, matchmaker can sometimes punish you and send you to the city map, where you can neither be effective, nor yolo around (or so you think). At that moment you hate everyone and everything around, as you already know that you will probably make two shots and die. And you already know, that this battle can ruin your mark of excellence, or simply that this battle will be no fun, but a torture.

However, among all city maps, Ensk looks most promising for the light tanks. Ensk has nice ways to spot enemies, and what is even more interesting, to damage them effectively and keep up with the other tanks in your team by productivity. One of the lanes in the middle of the map gives you a lot of opportunities to shoot heavy tanks, to retreat and attack, that sometimes you get really cool and awesome battles in Ensk on light tanks, and you have a lot of fun, while you keep your mark of excellence growing.

Effective Light Tank in Ensk (video)

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Good luck tankers!

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