Effective Light Tank in Highway

Highway is an interesting map, yet a very open one. There are a lot of covers, but whenever you get spotted, it’s extremely difficult to hide safely, you get shots from all directions.

Most light tank players don’t feel comfortable in Highway, they rush with mediums and die there, they stand in the buildings in the middle of the map and can’t hide from fire, they die under the middle bridge. Some even rush the field and die. Although highway doesn’t look to be very comfortable for light tanks (except the moment, when you spot enemy base with a bunch of tank destroyers there), it is possible to be effective there in a light tank. The first and most important rule is not to hurry, but to play safely.

Use the field, use the distance to spot enemies and stay invisible. Carefully scan the area, while moving closer and closer to the enemy base. Adapt to the changes in the battle, control the positions of enemy light tanks to avoid being spotted at the worst possible moment. Of course, Highway is not the map, where you can easily spot for 6k every battle, but you can do well, be effective and helpful for your team, get a few thousand damage.

Further details you can see in the videos:

South (Bottom) Base:

North (Upper) Base:

Effective Light Tank in Highway

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Good luck tankers!

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