E50M cheater or not? Question is now! E50M 11.3k dmg - VIDEO The Wild Bunch Gaming awards page!

Effective Light Tank in Highway

Highway is an interesting map, yet a very open one. There are a lot of covers, but whenever you get spotted, it’s extremely difficult…

24. April 2017.
Read more » League Europe Gold Series Relegations League relegations are starting today at 19 pm. This is big chance for our team, TWB-Gaming, to get back in Gold league. Teams…

21. April 2017.
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Three Marks Guide – Stable result in T49 and Sheridan

how to play T49 effectively and Three Marks Guide you can see in the video

Every World of Tanks player want to have three gun marks. Ilya Red had one nice video where he explain how to got them. A…

20. April 2017.
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Best WOT replays – TVP – 12.7k dmg 10 Kills by OriginalEasy

Best WOT replays - TVP - 12.7k dmg 10 Kills

Hello tankers. We have for you new Best WOT replays where TVP made 12.7k damage and 10 Kills. This is our first  4k 60…

20. April 2017.
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How to play light tanks in cities (video)

Light tanks don’t have good enough firepower to be competitive against heavy tanks. They lack penetration, alpha damage, they don’t have any armor to…

17. April 2017.
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