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HD maps in Patch 9.20? The big NO!

information hd maps

There aren’t HD maps in Patch 9.20. Sad or great news, time will show. HD maps in Patch 9.20? The big NO! If you…

24. July 2017.
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Information about relase date for Patch 9.20

information hd maps

After small patch 9.19.1 we are ging to have a one much bigger. There is information about relase date for patch and for Global…

23. July 2017.
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WoT Euro Cup 2017 – Online Finals – Live stream

WoT Euro Cup 2017 - Online Finals - Live stream

After 4 days of streaming WoT Euro Cup 2017 we come to the last day of online phase. Until today we had live streams only on…

22. July 2017.
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USA and Chinese Mediums – Supertest for Patch 9.20


I thought I should  writie a text about USA and Chinese Mediums, but I waited for the video to appear. Becouse somehow you better…

20. July 2017.
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United EU community for new Global Map

FireflyDivision open a new topic on forum (EU) where he is inviting all EU clans to joint and fight for new Global map. So far…

17. July 2017.
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Poll: THE MOST HATED MAP in World of Tanks

the most hated map in world of tanks

When I said, based on the feedback we get, Erlenberg is the most hated map. You started writing down names of the map you…

15. July 2017.
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Erlenberg – reworked map on supertest for Patch 9.20

Two version of Erlenberg are added on supertest server. As you all know, Erlenberg is one of the most hated maps in World of…

14. July 2017.
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Day 8 of summer sale: FCM 50t france heavy tank

day 8 - summer - sale

At day 8 of summer sale we again have france tier 8 premium tank. This time is france tier 8  heavy  tank. Day 8:…

14. July 2017.
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New format for League

New format for League?

According to the Game2Day insider, the new season of League will give fans of tank e-sports a big “surprise” – a new format…

14. July 2017.
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Premium light tank: T – 44 lightweight tier 8

Premium light

So far in WoT we have just a few premium light tanks. In game you can buy just Type 64 as serious tank. And…

13. July 2017.
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