Top of the tree – results for June are here!

june top of the tree

What tank is Top of the tree for June? Results are in. Top of the tree Top of the tree for June is WZ…

15. May 2017.
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Best WOT moments RNG 79 RU Server [video]

Hello tankers. There is new episode of Best WOT moments RNG 79 from RU server. Also this time with a video we make one gallery…

12. May 2017.
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MTLS – 1G14 one of the rarest tanks in WoT

mtls rarest tank ever

When i saw that MTLS will get HD model I started thinking. And tried to remember do i every saw this tank in battle? No,…

7. May 2017.
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WZ 111 5A – New Chinese Tier 10 Heavy Tank – Details

wz 111

There is a new Chinese tier X heavy tank being tested on the supertest, the name is WZ 111 5A. The tank was about…

27. April 2017.
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Effective Light Tank in Highway

Highway is an interesting map, yet a very open one. There are a lot of covers, but whenever you get spotted, it’s extremely difficult…

24. April 2017.
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Three Marks Guide – Stable result in T49 and Sheridan

how to play T49 effectively and Three Marks Guide you can see in the video

Every World of Tanks player want to have three gun marks. Ilya Red had one nice video where he explain how to got them. A…

20. April 2017.
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Best WOT replays – TVP – 12.7k dmg 10 Kills by OriginalEasy

Best WOT replays - TVP - 12.7k dmg 10 Kills

Hello tankers. We have for you new Best WOT replays where TVP made 12.7k damage and 10 Kills. This is our first  4k 60…

20. April 2017.
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How to play light tanks in cities (video)

Light tanks don’t have good enough firepower to be competitive against heavy tanks. They lack penetration, alpha damage, they don’t have any armor to…

17. April 2017.
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Effective Light Tank in Lakeville (video)

How to be effective light tank in Lakeville, where to go and why? Lakeville is one of the maps, which have giant potential for…

16. April 2017.
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Effective Light Tank in Ensk (video)

How to be effective Light Tank in Ensk? Some people like to play like tanks because they enjoy LT gameplay (like I do), they know…

16. April 2017.
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