Mistercro open 200 Christmas boxes in World of Tanks

  There is new video where WOT CC Mistercro open 200 Christmas boxes in World of tanks. What you think did he have luck?…

14. December 2018.
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Skill4ltu opening 200 Xmas BOXES in WOT

What you can get from Xmas boxes in WOT you can see in this video where CC Skill4ltu opening 200 boxes. Skill4ltu opening  BOXES …

14. December 2018.
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WOT Cheat – Cheater or the lucky one ?

wot cheat

Hi tankers. What do you think is this WOT Cheat or just the lucky shot? As you can see at this picture distance from…

21. November 2018.
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Worst plays from Balkan – World of Tanks video

New video is out where you can see worst plays from Balkan in World of Tanks. Worst plays from Balkan Find more about this…

4. February 2018.
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Silent Night – Truce on Christmas Eve 1914

WarGaming and Extra History are working together again. Ad they bring us a story about Silent Night. Silent night was a night before Christmas,…

19. December 2017.
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WORLD OF TANKS Highlights #2 – WOT Funny moments #2 – WOT streamers

World of tanks funny moments WOT streamers

WOT streamers was very active this weekend which give us a lot of clips for new episode of WOT funny moments – twitch highlights….

7. November 2017.
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AMX Cda 105 – AMX Canon d’assaut 105 (Video Review)

amx cda 105

AMX Cda 105 is  tier 8 premium tank destroyer. And after reading this AMX you alredy knew that this TD is coming from france….

5. October 2017.
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Personal Missions New Features in Detail


We alredy made a post about Personal Missions. But New Features in Detail are showed in video form WG. Personal Missions Once back in…

28. September 2017.
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DAMAGE DEALERS TOP 10 in World of Tanks

top10 damage dealers

Another great episode from DezGames, top 10 damage dealers. It’s not about top 10 dpm, or posible dmg. It’s about top 10 average dmg…

27. September 2017.
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Update 9.20.1 Common Test Review

Update 9.20.1 will come soon, for about 3 to 4 weeks. And let’s see what is coming in this update. Update 9.20.1 Common Test…

23. September 2017.
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