Best WOT replays – TVP – 12.7k dmg 10 Kills by OriginalEasy

Best WOT replays - TVP - 12.7k dmg 10 Kills

Hello tankers. We have for you new Best WOT replays where TVP made 12.7k damage and 10 Kills.

This is our first  4k 60 FPS world of tanks video.

Player who made this sick damage is from clan MAHOU and his name is OriginalEasy. Like you can see in title he manage to do 12700 damage in TVP and 10 Kills on map Stalingrad.

I must say that he had a lot of luck because when he stayed on one shot many tanks miss him from 50m and less and give him chance to finish this game best for his team and for him self. At the start he had one ammorack where he kill Leopard PT A with 2 shots where 2nd shot was for 1700 damage. Also he was on constant arty fire where enemy M53 try hard but at the end he was last and 10th kill for OriginalEasy.

Watch Best WOT replays – TVP – 12.7k dmg 10 Kills in 4k 60FPS

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