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Two of our players, who fought many battles with us have left TWB Team. They are Tankelit and Agorny. After fighting trough Silver series, Major league and Gold league, they have decided to move on, and search for some bigger challenges. I must say in behalf of whole TWB Team one big thank you guys, you were epic, only you know how much time and energy you’ve spent on training, and how much passion and devotion you brought when playing for TWB Team, and for that we salute you. We asked them about their future plans, and how they want to continue their gaming career, so check out their answers.


“For me the time in TWB has been one of the most enjoyable ones in my whole WoT career, we’ve had a lot of fun playing with each other as also playing against many good team’s during our 1st Gold Season. But nevertheless it’s time for me to make a break from E-sports and to say thank you guy’s, I wish them the best of luck and much success for their future , best regards Agorny.”


“I joined TWB two years ago where played with them one Silver series, a Major league and Gold series as well. We had great time with them they were very helpful. I really enjoyed every minute in TWB. My future plans are searching for  team in World of Tanks where I will get more minutes to play and become better and I hope one day I will come back in TWB Team. But I also keep my eyes on Overwatch because it is awesome E-sport game. But for me, it doesn’t really matter where I will find my place, the only thing that matters for me is to stay in E-sport”

TWB Team wishes you best of luck guys, stay stronK, stay in arty cover, and let good RNG follows you!


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