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As you could read above “The day of tanks” the national event that is held every year on 11. September in Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia was visited this year by Wargaming developers. WoT players used the occasion to ask some of the burning questions about World of Tanks, so we rushed to translate it from Russian to English and present it to you. The questions have been answered by Murazor and Vyacheslav Makarov, both are very well known among the players so we won’t introduce them.

Question: We all know about Kolobanov’s act of bravery, and he has in game medal for that, but why don’t you introduce the medal of Pavel Rak, heroe of USSR, who fought fearlessly while being surrounded near the town Borisov?

Murazor:You’ll have to ask that question to our historians, why didn’t they introduced it earlier. As the time goes we will add more medals to the game. I doubt that it didn’t happen for a reason, as it would probably sound strange.

Vyachaslav: The thing is that it wouldn’t sound strange, but because many ppl did some heroic things on tanks and technically we can’t make a medal for everyone of them, though it would be a good idea.

Question: I want to play a historical game on my T-34…?

Murazor: Long time ago we tried to make that mode in World of Tanks but it didn’t came out very well, nevertheless we are making plans for some historical activities in the future.

Question: Can we expect Czech TD line?

Murazor: At he moment we are focused on nations with small number of tanks. We can’t just simply spread the Czech line, so we are thinking about more complicated solutions.

Vyacheslav: Czech’s don’t have enough tanks, especially tier X. Independent Czech premium tanks can be made, but complete TD line has to be would have to be fully fictional.

Question: Can we expect Israeli tanks?

Vyacheslav: We already made a joke about that, as we sad that those tanks would be sold only for gold. Yes there are very interesting tanks from Israel, but they are all pretender’s for high tiers. Also many of the tanks used by Israeli ground forces are not originally theirs, they are just modernized tanks of other nations, all this only leads to premium tanks.

Question: Can you introduce a punishment, sth like a ban, for arty players that self-destruct?

Murazor: For self-destruction there is already a punishment, those players need to pay to repair their tanks.

Question: Can we expect another Sandbox server for lower tier tanks, and can you give us specific date?

Vyachaslav: No, there will not be any Sandbox servers for lower tier tanks. We need to resolve gameplay issues for tier X, and only then move to lower tiers. Until we resolve that, it would be crazy to move to lower tiers.

Question: Do you plan to introduce some ranking system (line in Counter strike) bcs many players don’t like the fact, that they have to play with very bad players, as they would like to play with players with similar rank?

Vyachaslav: If you want to play with players that match your rank, you can always play on some of our competitive game mods (Stronghold etc.). We were thinking of some ranking system, but I can’t tell you deadline for it.

Question: Do you plan to limit premium shells?

Murazor: We are currently thinking about what should we do with premium shells, some new balance, stuff like that. Some of those were on sandbox. There are ideas, but I can’t say that we just simply plan to limit the number of premium shells in the ammo rack, as we don’t want to limit the players in any way. That question has to be solved on some other way, but for some tanks even gold shells are bad.

Vyachaslav: Independent server for games without premium shells is not in our plans.

Question: Why don’t you introduce the possibility of using every gun on the tank?

Vyachaslav: I’ll be very fast on this one, technically it is very complex, and most of those tanks are bottom tiers. Yes, there are not many of those tanks. If we talk about meaningful introduction of that thing, we can only talk about 3 tanks that are currently in the game: M3, B1 and Churchill. For every other tank, small guns would only be used as a decoration. In general, we do want to introduce it in the future, but we always postpone it due to more important tasks, bcs it’s very complicated to pull out, and players wouldn’t get much in gameplay, it would only make game prettier.

Question: We buy premium tanks with certain characteristics and after a while everything is different about that tank…

Vyachaslav: We are not nerfing premiums, but yes, it is true that with time, some technical characteristics get reduced, and that is mostly connected with the fact that we don’t wanna introduce OP premiums tanks, we did that twice, and we are very sorry for that. Now we started with many old premiums, that need buffing, and comrade Murazor is fixing them as much as he can.

Murazor: With one or two patches that are coming we will introduce new package of buffed premiums. If tanks characteristics got reduced, or it didn’t turned out to be like we wanted , we are fixing it. Stats of the premium tanks are not getting reduced. In the patch 9.15 we already saw a package of buffs for premium tanks, and in the next one 112 will get a buff. Gameplay is evolving and with that some tanks simply get worse, and we spend most of our time on that kind of tanks.

Question: KV-5…

Vyachaslav: Hey, KV-5 is our priority!

Murazor: Yes, the situation is complicated on that one, as ppl say it get wrecked all the time, but that is one of the best tanks of the tier.

Vyachaslav: Hard case, we are thinking what to do with it, but statistically the tank is okay.

Question: Are there any ways to develop physics on that way, so all buildings could be destroyed?

Vyachasalv: Experiments are there, we are kinda working on that, but it came out to a very tricky to say at least.

Question: I am one of the players from the clan that you disavowed during the campaign in August. I didn’t knew anything about commanders activities, so I want to ask why did you took me the tank from that campaign?

Murazor: We don’t have anything to do with it, we only work on game development.

Question: Do you fight with bots?

Vyachasalv: We are fighting, banning, fighting again, than banning again…

Question: Yesterday I played 10 games, in 6 out of 10 there were bots in game?

Vyachaslav: You know, there is a big chance they weren’t bots, currently bots are doing better statistically than the regular players.

Question: Will there bi marathons similar to E-25 marathon?

Vyachaslav: I hope not! Negative response form community about that marathon broke all the records, I hope we won’t do anything like that ever again.

Question: Will there be any extra bonuses on XP for potential dmg received?

Vyachaslav: We are working on that also, but we still haven’t decided on the numbers that will add up as bonus.

That’s it guys, those were most important questions with answers that we translated from Russian for you, you can watch whole video from the Tank day interview HERE so if you are good with Russian knock yourself out. As always stay stronK boys!


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