Absolute Supremacy tournament has reached knockout phase – WOT

This Wednesday (2nd November) Second phase playoff of Absolute Supremacy tournament will take place, with 8 teams fighting for the throne. As all of you know there is a lot of money in stake, plus gold, plus premium time, so this tournament is the biggest event for non-pro players. To make thing even bigger the knock out phase will be streamed live! So now even non-pro players will have the chance to feel how is it like to play while many ppl are watching. The Wild Bunch gaming got the honor of broadcasting stream on our Twitch channel, but wait ’till you hear the casters. The casters of the even will be well known youtuber and tournament caster Zmor and world famous WGL caster and former professional player Still_Mojo! Also for everyone watching the event we have prepared some bonus codes, just to add to the hype, so join the party guys, we are expecting you. Here you can find The Wild Bunch Twitch chanell. The stream will start at 19.00 hours CEST! The teams that qualified for the 1/4 finals are ANTY-Liski, OMNI, Animals, Players vs Servers, Purple Digimons, Starke Spieler!!!, eSuba&Reborn and Skład Węgla i Papy. For all of you that don’t know, games will be played as BO7, and the Finals in Bo9. We hope that you’ll come and have fun with us, maybe win some prizes this Wednesday, and enjoy the good games, stay stronK!

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